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Information about SC2MOD files and how to open them

SC2MOD - Blizzard StarCraft 2 Modification File is a file extension that can be used by many different games. Wings of Liberty, and Zerg races are just a couple of the supported games. You will also be able to make use of different map properties and even unit capabilities. If you would like to rename an extension, you will be given that option as well. Everything that you need will be saved in MPQ format. If you are a usual game player then you need to take advantage of this file extension because it is packed with features that you can use. It is for your benefit. Most of the properties for the games can be changed when you need them to be changed.

Product(s) that can open SC2MOD file

MPQ Editor
MPQ Editor
MPQ Editor Getting to edit and archive all the files you need for the MPQ format can be more difficult then what you think. This is when you should know more...
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