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Information about SDOC files and how to open them

Microsoft Word is perhaps the most widely used word processing software in the world. So much so in fact that other software producers have implemented proprietary extensions for use with Microsoft Word documents. One such software produce is Oracle.

Oracle produces a document protection protocol called IRM. IRM makes it that only certain users can actually open a given document. The extension protocol that Oracle IRM uses for secure Microsoft Word is called the SDOC - Sealed Word Document. This document protocol not only secures dosuments for distribution but can also securer email attachments. Oracle IRM Desktop makes the documents available for viewing to people with the appropriate rights.

The IRM software can also integrate into Word installations. Incidentally, Oracle IRM can also secure PDF and other document types. So, if you need a way to secure your Microsoft Word Documents, keep SDOC - Sealed Word Document protocol. It is one way to accomplish this task, and it does so at the hands of a trusted name in software development, Oracle. Furthmore, if you choose to invest in Oracle IRM, understand that your options for securing documents are not limited to Microsoft Word Documents alone. If you find a business need, for such a service, you would do well to choose Oracle IRM equipped with SDOC - Sealed Word Document.

Product(s) that can open SDOC file

Oracle IRM Desktop
Oracle IRM Desktop
Oracle IRM Desktop Oracle Information Rights Management 11g is a new form of information security technology that secures and tracks sensitive digital information...
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