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Information about SKM files and how to open them

The SKM - SketchUp Materials File is a textures file originally used by SketchUp. This textures file is a drawing program developed by Google after they Acquired SketchUp in 2006. The SKM file is saved in a compressed .ZIP format maximizing capacity while minimizing space requirements. The SKM contains XML texture property files, a thumbnail, PNG image, and a JPG texture image. This file has the capacity to store and manage two-dimensional graphics that can be layered on three-dimensional models. SKM files were developed to be interchangeable on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The materials that are stored in SKM files can easily be accessed from the Materials pane in the software.

Product(s) that can open SKM file

Trimble SketchUp
Trimble SketchUp
Trimble SketchUp Trimble SketchUp is an architectural design program ready to help your dreams become realities. Whatever your design ideas; the Trimble...
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