File Extension SQZ

Information about SQZ files and how to open them

SQZ - Squeeze Project File is a popular file type that is created by a program called Squeeze. This application is typically used as a transcoder of video information. The file type in question is always saved as an XML type and it contained encoding settings for both video files and a historical record of all conversions.

The SQZ - Squeeze Project File format also features plenty of options for converting video using a remote cloud service contained on a Squeeze server. It also supports a huge array of input and output file formats, and plenty of other options that consumers are sure to love. Users are also able to specify any available publishing options for YouTube, Amazon and much more. It is also worth noting that the SQZ - Squeeze Project File format is only able to store the references to imported data and will never include the raw information itself.

Product(s) that can open SQZ file

Sorenson Media Squeeze
Sorenson Media Squeeze
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