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Information about STW files and how to open them

Have you ever used OpenOffice? It was previously called StarOffice. StarOffice was replaced by OpenOffice. Not surprisingly, the formats that were used in StarOffice have been replaced by the formats used in OpenOffice.

STW - StarOffice Document Template is the format that is used by StarOffice 6. This format is primarily used to store templates, which are used for writing. It is used for writing .SDW documents.

Now that you know what a template is used for, let us discuss how you can use a template to assist you on an everyday basis. Templates can be used for writing letters, memos or notes. The template will store the format of your document, so you won't have to place it in every time. This could be a simple title or a form with multiple fields to be filled out.

Using a template turns your writing into a simple fill in the blank, like a form for a license or application. This speeds up the processing of documents for your conenience. This boosts your productivity. Templates are often used in fields that require an extensive use of the same format but different information.

StarOffice is no longer used, and you should transition to OpenOffice for stability and security reasons.

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