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SXG - Master Document is the master file used by OpenOffice is a free office application which mimics the full version of Microsoft Office. It has most of the full functionality of Office, and is backwards compatible in most cases with Office documents. While there is some differentiation between the files in Microsoft Office and, it has almost all of the same functions of Office, without having to register or purchase a license. is a free open source software invented by the Apache software company, with the Apache 2.0 license, which allows users across platform to use the applications from MS Office. Within the program, you can do word processing, graphics, slide presentations, and more. It is available in multiple languages also, making it ideal for other countries to use as a valuable office tool.

Since it is open source software, no particular person owns it, and you can report bugs, or play a part in the development and improvement of future versions as a user. It is easy to learn and use, even for the novice user.

The SXG - Master Document file (.SXW) is the file which allows smaller documents within the file to be used separately, while saving the larger file. This is typically used in the process of storing long reports, books, or other long documents. The typical user may not ever use this function, but more advanced users like the flexibility in being able to go into the program and access smaller files from the larger one, keeping the entire production in tact at the same time.

If you ever lose a master file in OpenOffice, simply do a search on your computer for .SXW and you should find it easily. This will be the master file that should be saved. NOTE: The current mime time has recently changed for OpenOffice, and it is now an .ODM file format. This is important to note when doing new documents in OpenOffice.

The master document usually includes such information as spreadsheets, graphics, a table of contents, and other information.

The best thing about is that the license in 100% free and can be used for either personal or commercial use at no charge. Also, because it is open source software, you may feel free to share it with others, and install it on as many computers as you want.

While the program may not have every single feature of the original Microsoft Office program, it is certainly a great tool to use, either in conjunction or in replacement of the original Office. Its flexibility and functionality cannot be matched.

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