File Extension TAX2011

Information about TAX2011 files and how to open them

A TAX2011 - TurboTax 2011 Tax Return is a file created via the program TurboTax 2011. TurboTax has been created as a means for United States residents to file their 2011 income tax paperwork. TurboTax offers assistance on how to file these papers. The file which is used to fill out and store these tax returns is categorized with the extension TAX2011. TurBotax 2011 files can be created and saved within the program itself or from the format of TurboTax 2011 that exists online. In both cases, the file can be exported back and forth as needed. Information which was saved from tax returns in previous years can be imported into a TAX 2011 file if necessary, but the file extention will stay the same. TurboTax creates a new application every year to minimize confusion, increase security and eliminate potential fraud. Tax returns which are filed with TurboTax can be submitted electronically or via Snailmail if a printer for the form is available. TAX2011 files can be password protected. This is useful since these files always contain sensative personal data regarding the person filing the form. If a file is password protected, a user cannot have access to it if the wrong password is typed.

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