File Extension TIX

Information about TIX files and how to open them

The TIX - DivX Video Download Activation File is a video player program trigger file. What this means is that the TIX file does not contain any data. It is an empty file that exists solely for the purpose of triggering video downloads from a DivX partner site. When a user renders a payment for a digital video online the TIX file is downloaded first to initiate the download process and then deleted immediately after the download commences.

If you manually download a video, the initial download will be a Tix file. Simply open the TIX file in DivX Player to begin the download.

Product(s) that can open TIX file

DivX 7
DivX 7
DivX 7 DivX has been regarded by many as the best and most widely used codec in the world. As of right now, the most popular and reliable version of DivX...
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