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TMP - Temporary File 

File Extension TMP

Information about TMP files and how to open them

On your Windows system, you may find a file directory titled Temp. In this directory, you will see files with the extension TMP. Files with TMP stand for "Temporary Files." Programs will create temporary files on your system for a number of reasons.

The temporary file may be created during installation to ensure the proper files are on your system during the process as the files will be deleted later. Some software applications, such as word processing programs, will autosave documents in the temporary file in case the user accidently does something wrong to the document. They will be able to retrieve an earlier version of the document from the TMP file. Another reason a program will create a TMP file is when the program malfunctions or shuts down unexpectedly. This permits the program to reload properly.

You can safely delete TMP files without causing problems to your computer or programs. Simply make sure that the program that is using the TMP file does not need it to complete an installation or some other type of process.

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