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The unique file extension UOF - Uniform Office Document is a self-contained document that was developed using the universal office format, or the UOF extension. This is a file format that was actually created for use in many Chinese office productivity programs. This file type typically utilizes the XML formatting method, and it also compresses most of the document contents in a housing that uses the UOF extension. One of the fascinating things about this file extension is that it is usually known as a generic extension for use in the uniform office format within the office application in question. However, as there are also several extensions for text files, presentation files, and even spreadsheet files contained within this extension.

All of these common extensions come together for a package that is usually used a lot more than the UOF format. It should also be noted that the file extension UOF - Uniform Office Document can sometimes stand for the unified office format depending upon the context in which it is used. There is only one office application that can open this file extension, which means that there isn't a significant amount of third-party code thrown in willy-nilly. The fact that this runs on open office means that you should expect nothing but smooth sailing every step of the way whenever you're using this file extension. You should have no problems whatsoever getting started using this extension and OpenOffice with great ease.

If you truly are interested in what this file has to offer, make sure that you download and check out OpenOffice as soon as possible. You are sure to find that it is a much better word-processing program than what you may be used to using, and that should be more than enough to justify the space taken up on your machine's hard drive. The program has an intuitive interface, and it is a much more reliable program than the word-processing applications that are sold via major retail outlets. The best part about OpenOffice is that it is completely free of charge, which surprises thousands of people each day, considering how great it is.

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