File Extension VNT

Information about VNT files and how to open them

Cell phone producers enable cell phones with propietary text file formats. For Sony Ericsson mobile device the Notes applicaction used the VNT - Mobile Phone vNote File.

The format of the VNT - Mobile Phone vNote File is headed with the "BEGIN:VNOTE" tag and terminates with the "END:VNOTE." Interestingly, the textual information in a VNT - Mobile Phone vNote File can be opened in just about any text editor. The method by which the message may be encoded varies however. Some VNT - Mobile Phone vNote Files are coded using the Quoted-printable (the so-called QP) protocol. This means that characters are represented in the hexadecimal number system. The syntax of the protocol requires the hexidecimal character code to be preceded by an equal sign ("=").

Here is an example using the <space> character. First, we insert the equal sign. Next, add the hexidecimal representation of the <space> character. The result is "=20". As you can see, this is not very understandable to the average person. So, even though you can open the VNT - Mobile Phone vNote File in a text editor, it would probably behoove most people to open VNT - Mobile Phone vNote File in a software that is equiped to decode QP.

Product(s) that can open VNT file

Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft Notepad
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