File Extension VWX

Information about VWX files and how to open them

VWX - Vectorworks Design File

These are 2D or 3D design files created with the Vectorworks CAD software package. They may contain 2D drafting images or 3D models and may be used with Vectorworks 2008 and later suite programs including Designer - design solutions, Architect - architect design package, Landmark - landscape designs, Spotlight - lighting designs and simulation, Machine Design - for machine parts design, Fundamentals - 3D modeling and Renderworks - renders VW designs. NOTE: Even though this file type is compatible with VW 2008 and later, it was introduced with the VW 2008 version and is incompatible with VW 12.5 or earlier.

Product(s) that can open VWX file

Nemetschek Vectorworks
Nemetschek Vectorworks
Nemetschek Vectorworks Having the chance to make up designs and other items while using an AUTO CAD program can be a good thing. The issue you may end up facing is not...
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