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File Extension XLSX

Information about XLSX files and how to open them

XLSX - Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet is a very specific type of spreadsheet format created by Microsoft Excel. It is different from the .xls formats that used to be created because it is no longer a single binary file.

The program is used to create spreadsheets, establish formulas, store data and generally work within a series of rows and columns. A file may also include features:

- Formatting

- Styles

- Charts

- Graphs

- Notes

It may be possible to format a cell individually or apply a format to a series of cells depending on the purpose of the worksheet. These files are also commonly used for financial purposes because of the mathematical formulas that can be embedded inside the file.

Ultimately, the XLSX - Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet is stored as a .zip compressed file because of the amount of data that is found within one of the files. It’s possible to view all the attributes of an .xlsx file by renaming the extension to .zip and then viewing them manually.

Without Excel 2007 or later installed on the computer, or a specific viewer, it will not be possible to view XLSX - Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet files in the proper manner in which they are designed. Many people use XLSX - Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet and therefore it’s an important file to know how to open and read through.

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