Backup Files

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  • NBD - NovaBACKUP File
    NBD - NovaBACKUP FileBacking up your computer is the smart thing to do, even if you think it will never be attacked by anything....
  • NBU - Nokia Phone Backup File
    NBU - Nokia Phone Backup FileThis well designed NBU - Nokia Phone Backup File is not only handy but works flawlessly when you need it mo...
  • OLD - Backup File
    OLD - Backup FileThe OLD - Backup File gets rid of old backup files. Every smart computer user knows that backup is importan...
  • ORIG - Original File
    ORIG - Original FileFinding out how the files are run on a computer can be a great thing. The problem you may have is not knowi...
  • TLG - QuickBooks Transaction Log File
    TLG - QuickBooks Transaction Log FileOften when you are taking care of your finances you will be using a program to help you out. This is when y...
  • TMP - Temporary File
    TMP - Temporary FileOn your Windows system, you may find a file directory titled Temp. In this directory, you will see files wi...