Compressed Files

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  • SITX - StuffIt X Archive
    SITX - StuffIt X ArchiveSITX - StuffIt X Archive is a format that is highly useful and can be used for compression of different fil...
  • TGZ - Gzipped Tar File
    TGZ - Gzipped Tar FileMaking a file archive can be hard to do, but if you want to do this properly, then you need to have the rig...
  • WAR - Java Web Archive
    WAR - Java Web ArchiveUsing the proper website programming can be a great thing to do. The problem you may have is not knowing ab...
  • ZIPX - Extended Zip File
    ZIPX - Extended Zip FileZIPX - Extended Zip File are one of the Webs best methodws for keeping files safe. The Zip has a secure for...