Executable Files

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  • VB - VBScript File
    VB - VBScript FileVB - VBScript File is very useful regarding basic scripts. They can all be read in different scripting lang...
  • PRG - Program File
    PRG - Program FileThis is a file which is used by all the different components of a computer to function. This can be seen ei...
  • EAR - Java Enterprise Archive File
    EAR - Java Enterprise Archive FileEAR - Java Enterprise Archive File is just a simple file extension that you can use on your computer. It is...
  • WS - Windows Script
    WS - Windows ScriptWS - Windows Script is a Microsoft script that gives access to Visual Basic Script Edition (VBScript) Versi...
  • RUN - Linux Executable File
    RUN - Linux Executable File  RUN - Linux Executable File is a file extension that can be used for Linux program installers....