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  • WGT - Opera Widget File
    WGT - Opera Widget FileWGT - Opera Widget File This is a file that is used as a small web application by the Opera web browse...
  • DAP - Access Data Access Page
    DAP - Access Data Access PageThe DAP - Access Data Access Page is an online web page that is directly linked to an Access database. This...
  • ASR - ActionScript Remote Document
    ASR - ActionScript Remote DocumentASR - ActionScript Remote Document This is a server side file which has been created with the Adobe Dr...
  • A5W - Alpha Five Webpage File
    A5W - Alpha Five Webpage FileThe A5W - Alpha Five Webpage File is a great file that you would want to use if you are working on develop...
  • WN - WN Web File
    WN - WN Web FileThe well-known file extension ending in WN - WN Web File is extremely simple even given the complexity of d...