File Lock 7.0.1

File lock allows computer users to keep their files on their system safe. File Lock 7.01 will allow you to lock your files and folders at your convenience. If you are sharing a computer with many different people, then this application will definitely come in handy for various reasons. The entire purpose of this application is to maintain your privacy if you do not want everyone looking through your files.

You can easily add files and folders by using the file browser located on the software program. The drag and drop method is also supported, in which you can easily add files quickly. If you need to unlock a certain file, you have that capability as well. If you are familiar with encrypting files, you can definitely take advantage of this option.

This wonderful program also has a scheduling option in which you can use daily, weekly, or even monthly. You can even manage multiple accounts at once, and disable plugins if you would like. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about this program crashing or freezing your system because it has all been tested by professionals. It also takes up a moderate or low amount of system resources.

If you want to download a trial version only, you can go online. If you want to purchase it after you have looked into the trial version, you will have various payment sources available to you. Everything that this program offers is pretty simple, and nothing special. If you just want some privacy within the files on your computer, then you should consider taking advantage of this program.

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File Lock 7.0.1
File Lock 7.0.1
File Lock 7.0.1
File Lock 7.0.1
File Lock 7.0.1
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