FileCHK is great data recovery software designed to take care of locating and putting together your crashed files. Any time you lose a file from a crash it is hard to locate if ever. You really do not have the time to stop on most occasions and if the files are not too important you simply move on but when you do have the time to think about certain programs you want to try and find them. Well, unless you have a great recovery program chances are you will have a really hard time. The FileCHK file recovery software gives you a way to keep these files from being permanently lost in the jumble of information stored in fragments on your PC.

FileCHK helps you avoid hours of frustrating searching because you do not know how the files you lost are listed in the computer. Chances are when the program crashed the file was perhaps without a name. The program is designed to search Access Database, Quicktime, Compressed bitmap, Adobe Illustrator and many more. Get FileCHK; it speaks the language of the computer and save yourself all of those aggravating hours. Searching through a computer’s files can be endless work that very few people have time for. The FileCHK is the best way to find the lost data you need.

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