FileWrangler 5.30

FIleWrangler, foremost, is a management system designed for the Windows operating system. It has a wide range of features, which carry out many functions that are quite invaluable to those working in Windows. More specifically, it gives the user the ability to zip and unzip files directly on their computer. This is one of the easiest methods of doing so on a Windows operating system. What's more, it gives users the ability to look at and access CAB databases, which can really come in handy for a number of different functions.

Additionally, the program gives users the option to spread larger files across several disks, which only adds to the program's versatility and adaptability. As a user, you are also able to specifically search and locate files for many different uses.

There are also other features of FileWrangler, which include arranging, copying, and discarding your files directly from the disk that you are using. The ability to work along side many FTP platforms is another valuable feature of the program, which allows users to extract files and use .EXE files and a number of other file types for functional purposes. In this regard, perhaps the most significant feature is the program's method of viewing FTP and zip files in a viewer.

FIleWrangler gives users the ability to split larger files into smaller versions, as well as, the ability to put the smaller files back together. Furthermore, the program gives the option to restore many functions related to a file that is compressed as a backup file. Many of these such functions are so essential when using the program for fun, or especially on more crucial work related projects. FileWrangler is truly a useful program to have, and for no greater reason than it allows the user to easily change the clock and date in the program specifically to where you are located at home or on a business trip. And finally, the program gives you the option to print out a list of what files a specific folder holds to use as a reference for future use. 

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  • FileWrangler
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  • 5.30
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  • Windows
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  • FileWrangler 5.30
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FileWrangler 5.30
FileWrangler 5.30
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