Folder Vault 2.0.147

Folder Vault is a versatile program designed to keep the prying eyes of hackers and other uninvited guests from viewing and stealing your information. This practical tool was developed for ultimate security and ease of use. You have the control over how secure you’d like your system to be. Encrypting your information is critical. The block cipher is a great addition. For those of us that aren’t totally tech savvy – it is the same encryption standard used by the U.S. Government. The program is ideal for both business and personal use. Keeping kids or nosey employees out of your most important files only increases the value of the program.

The simple fact that you can customize Folder Vault to meet your needs makes the download worthwhile. Add in the ability to lock and encrypt files on portable drives and absolute security really is at your fingertips. Folder Vault is so smart it actually runs in “stealth mode” and hides from just about anything including add/remove programs, Windows, DOS and Safe Mode at your command. We’ve all suffered the frustration of a reboot in Safe Mode and the inability to access certain files – this alleviates the stress not to mention damaging or losing vital data.

Locking or blocking programs from running has limitless benefits and ensures that what you intend to keep private stays private. The capabilities Folder Vault has will certainly exceed your expectations and expand your idea of computer security.

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Folder Vault 2.0.147
Folder Vault 2.0.147
Folder Vault 2.0.147
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