FX ChemStruct 2.001.2

FX ChemStruct is an intuitive application designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system that makes the process of working with chemical structures on a desktop or laptop computer easier than ever before. Instead of working on the structure and drawing it by hand, FX ChemStruct can take care of all of the hard work for you. FX ChemStruct is specifically designed with individuals of varying levels of expertise in mind, from teachers to students and everything in between. It's the type of program that allow you to represent structures that are chemically based in a way that is both fast and easy. The best part of the whole situation is that it allows you to do so directly in your word processor of choice without downloading and installing additional pieces of software onto a system.

One of the major benefits of FX ChemStruct is that it allows you to choose between a large number of different formatting options depending on your current preferences. Users can customize structures to include lines around atomic bonds, for example, or even with regards to the way that electrons are being placed around atoms. This allows users to view all elements in a structure in a way that is both easy to understand and easy to explain to others.

FX ChemStruct also allows users to display the charge of ions within a diagram and to differentiate between positive ions and negative ions should the need arise.

Another major benefit of FX ChemStruct is that it allows users to adjust the size and thickness of lines that are used to represent structures to better fit the needs of the current situation. Some compounds can be created with things like simple lines or even circles, depending on both your preferences and how you are already working within an existing project.

Special formatting options within FX ChemStruct can also be used to display equations in a fully modifiable form. Using the built-in set of tools you can change the style and position of arrows that represent equilibrium, for example, as well as the height of both superscript and subscript text. FX ChemStruct is an application designed to save time in any way possible.

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  • FX ChemStruct
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  • 2.001.2
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  • Windows All
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  • Efofex Software
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  • FX ChemStruct 2.001.2
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Efofex Software
FX ChemStruct 2.001.2
FX ChemStruct 2.001.2
FX ChemStruct 2.001.2
FX ChemStruct 2.001.2
FX ChemStruct 2.001.2
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FX ChemStruct