GameGain is a very simple application used to optimize your computer to specifically boost video game performance by enhancing frame rates, animations, and screen drawing. It is ideal for users who are experience minor frame rate drops, screen tearing, or choppiness in high graphic style games on their PC.

The application has a graphical user interface that is designed to be user friendly and easy to set up. Beginners and expert alike will need only a few minutes to properly configure GameGain to update the necessary system files and boost performance. The configuration includes selecting your processor type, operating system, and the speed settings. Once the configuration is complete GameGain will automatically make adjustments to system files that help with rendering images on screen, and optimize them for the fastest performance possible.

GameGain comes with a simple help manual that will aid new users in identifying how to properly configure GameGain for their operating system and processor, and in the case that identifying the processor type is not applicable then GameGain includes a default option of "unknown" which will allow the user to set up a general speed boost without knowing the processor type specifically.

GameGain is a very lightweight application needing very minimal system resources to operate effectively. Once the user runs the program, it will quickly modify the system registry to address issues with frames per second and other gaming related benchmarks and then alerts the user that they are ready for optimized gaming performance.

This application can be configured for 32 bit windows operating systems including windows XP, Vista, and 7. It will not operate for Macs or mobile devices.

GameGain is perfect for users who have a PC that is capable of running games, but needs a little extra push for ideal image processing. Users who have a highly advanced gaming PC may notice a slightly bigger boost than users on a standard or video integrated PC, but the application works to boost any PC even if it is not spcifically a gaming PC.

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