Garland Christmas Show 1.0

Many folks speak of the ‘good ole days’, where life seemed to be less complicated and laid back. Thanks to DVD innovation these actors and singers of the past are brought again to our hearts and minds. Many have missed these singers' special vocal style and popularity.

The Judy Garland Christmas Show of 1963 starts outside her home and then enters her well decorated home. This was in essence, a reality show which presented a host of some of the greatest voices of radio and television. Many agree, there will never be actors and singers such as these again, as they have long departed from us.

Included in this wonderful Christmas Show were Jack Jones Lorna Luft, Joey Luft Mel Torme, Tracy Everitt and Judy’s daughter Liza Minnelli, and Judy's young son and daughter. This group of 'ole time' singers makes this DVD a real classic, making time stand still while watching it, which makes it such an endearing classic of all time.

Songs in the spotlight include Consider Yourself, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Over the Rainbow, Santa Claus is Coming to Town Jingle Bells and many more of the most popular holiday songs.

I found this Classic DVD, The Judy Garland Christmas Show a wonderful Christmas holiday experience, setting the tone for a great holiday in my home, bringing to my mind and thoughts some of the most popular artists that have been long departed. This DVD will bring to the viewer some of the very best actors and vocalists of that day and there will never be such a group of fine artists, as these ever again.

Make this special DVD your own Christmas holiday tradition. It will help you to set the perfect tone for a wonderful Christmas season for you and your family. I know you will enjoy seeing how the world was in 1963, from the clothing styles to Judy Garland's home decor.

Relive the ‘good ole’ days with the Judy Garland Christmas Show of 1963 and order yours today for this coming Christmas holiday. It will help usher in a wonderful Christmas season for you and your family.

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Garland Christmas Show 1.0
Garland Christmas Show 1.0
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Garland Christmas Show