Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 7.992

Many people have found unique ways to use Google Hybrid Maps Downloader. With this application, hikers are able to construct a map from Google’s satellite images of their planned route. People who give presentations can draw audiences into their travels through these realistic maps. This software can help anyone who regularly uses maps offline.

Google Hybrid Maps Downloader is easy to use. It integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, which users must have previously installed. When viewing a map on Google Maps, users see a little save icon. By clicking this icon, people can quickly download the map they are viewing onto their computer. Several different maps can be downloaded and woven together for a comprehensive view of the area. Once they are downloaded, these maps can be used online or offline.

Unfortunately, this software application does not provide extremely fine detail. Its maximum zoom 13. As programmers continue to develop this application, greater zoom levels should be available in the future. For the time being, however, the application can meet most needs.

Any computer that can support Google Maps should be able to run the downloader without difficulty. It takes up slightly more than a megabyte of memory and runs on all Windows platforms. The downloaded maps also require little memory.

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Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 7.992
Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 7.992
Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 7.992
Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 7.992
Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 7.992
Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 7.992
Google Hybrid Maps Downloader 7.992
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Google Hybrid Maps Downloader