Google Satellite Maps Downloader 6.982

Finding one's way to a new location can be a challenge. Millions of people all over the world turn to Google Maps to face this challenge. Google Maps is clear and accurate, helping a person to plan a travel route from one place to another. It also helps people to find a particular location that they may not be very familiar with. Google Satellite Maps Downloader takes Google Maps one step further by allowing a user to download the map area of his or her choice and essentially build a travel map of any given city or region.

This cute yet highly useful program works by downloading tile images of a particular map and then combining them into one large map image. As the program supports multithreads, the download speed is very fast, allowing a person to download a map area immediately and then get moving to the destination of his or her choice. Google Satellite Maps Downloader is also very easy to install and use, so even a person who is not technologically savvy can benefit from the program and all that it has to offer.

Those who are interested in this program can download a demo version, which will operate on any computer that uses Windows. The only other requirement is that one have a working internet connection to download the map; once the map has been downloaded and compiled then even the internet connection is no longer necessary. While not everyone will find this program to be worth the cost, those who travel regularly are likely to discover Google Satellite Maps Downloader to be one of the most useful programs to have.

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Google Satellite Maps Downloader 6.982
Google Satellite Maps Downloader 6.982
Google Satellite Maps Downloader 6.982
Google Satellite Maps Downloader 6.982
Google Satellite Maps Downloader 6.982
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Google Satellite Maps Downloader