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  • SketchUp Make 15.3.330
    SketchUp Make 15.3.330Have you been interesting in experimenting with 3D modeling on your computer? If so, SketchUp Make is a gre...
  • Picasa 3.9.139 Build 161
    Picasa 3.9.139 Build 161Managing the thousands upon thousands of photographs that are stored on a computer can prove rather difficu...
  • Format Factory
    Format Factory Factory is an application designed for all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, inclu...
  • WhatsApp Extractor 8.0
    WhatsApp Extractor 8.0
  • Convert PDF to Word Plus 1.0
    Convert PDF to Word Plus 1.0
  • threecubes Slideshow 2.01
    threecubes Slideshow 2.01If you have a need to create slideshows that capture attention and entertain, you need threecubes Slideshow...
  • Zoner Photo Studio Free 17
    Zoner Photo Studio Free 17I picked up the Zoner Photo Studio FREE software application at no cost a few weeks ago. This software is a...
  • Remove Watermark Pro 6.0
    Remove Watermark Pro 6.0Remove Water Pro enables you to remove objects you don’t need from your photo. Simply point at the wa...
  • Photoscape 3.7
    Photoscape 3.7There are many image editing programs out there and it is hard to find one that really rises above the rest...
  • AnimaShooter Pioneer
    AnimaShooter Pioneer Pioneer is a small but versatile application designed to help in the shooting of animated film...
  • Embroidermodder 1.70
    Embroidermodder 1.70Embroidermodder Customize embroidery design with this tool. Embroidermodder is a handy, simple...
  • yWorks yEd Graph Editor 3.10.2
    yWorks yEd Graph Editor 3.10.2Collecting mega amounts of data to analyze and put into easy to read diagrams and graphs can be frustrating...
  • ProPresenter 5.0
    ProPresenter 5.0ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric and media presentation package built specifically ...