HddLed Indicator 1.86

The dreaded blue screen of death appears on many computers when unknown activities are operating. I recommend the HddLed Indicator to keep an eye on how your computer is functioning. This program monitors activity on a hard disk drive to offer real time updates about what is going on within the computer. I use it to be informed and stop problems before they occur.

Blinking indicators show read and write operations on your hard disk drive. The HddLed Indicator can monitor computers from remote locations and allows you to view your home and office computer from anywhere. The small green light will flash on your system tray when everything is working properly. This works similar to regular LED hardware but is a solution for those who want to monitor multiple systems or when the PC case is not visible.

Beginners can use the All-in-One mode while experts can get specific with the HddLed Indicator. The All-in-One mode uses the flashing green light to represent all activity. I have separate categories that monitor reading and writing activities. I also choose which logical disks or hard drives I want to monitor at a given time. This gives me specific information about transferred data and rates. Both options are useful because neither uses much CPU time or memory.

The current version of the indicator comes with Windows 7 support and a free trail period. There are options for users who want to monitor one computer, multiples or those who are buying for business. Registering the product provides support for users, but the real perk is free updates. Any future versions of the product will be available for free to registered users.

Knowledge about what is occurring in the hard drive can help eliminate problems quickly. The HddLed Indicator can lead to an overall improved performance in your computer. The technology is not perfect, and a better navigation screen would be helpful. However, the indicator functions properly, provides benefit and future updates are free. I would recommend buying it now because it works, and prices are likely to increase with updated versions.


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HddLed Indicator 1.86
HddLed Indicator 1.86
HddLed Indicator 1.86
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