HDDlife Pro 4.0.190

The HDDlife Pro Checks to make sure the hard drive is in the best of condition. Checking on this device is important considering it is where all the files are stored. If this basic part of the computer system is in poor condition you want to know before there are serious problems. HDDlife Pro shows the health information on an interface sector. The HDDlife Pro warns you if the computer is wearing down.

The HDDlife Pro checks a wide range of areas on the hard drive, well over 20; once these areas are inspected the computer displays these findings on a computer interface. The visual areas show the heat range of the hard drive and the level of performance activities also, the area of the hard drive leftover for use. This is all demonstrated through a collection of bar graphs. The HDDlife Pro checks the status of your most important computer asset; the hard drive.

For more insight into the condition of the hard drive the computer gives more in-depth information through single click options displayed on the computer. In order to obtain more critical information the computer must access the database connected to the publisher site on the Web. When storing a great deal of important data it is crucial to check the hard drive regularly.

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HDDlife Pro 4.0.190
HDDlife Pro 4.0.190
HDDlife Pro 4.0.190
HDDlife Pro 4.0.190
HDDlife Pro 4.0.190
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HDDlife Pro