Infinit 0.9.18

One common misconception is that all types of online file sharing are inherently illegal. When people think of file sharing, they most commonly call to mind images of motion pictures, television shows and hit albums being downloaded using technology like Bittorrent. In reality, only the sharing of copyrighted information is illegal - file sharing itself is not only completely legal, but also comes along with a wide range of different benefits that can't be ignored.

Infinit is an application designed for all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system that allows you to easily share files with other people. It features a sleek, easy to master graphical user interface and a very thorough yet basic installation process. You can have the application up and running on your computer in just a couple of minutes without any issues.

Because there is no lengthy configuration process that you need to use during the initial setup process, Infinit won't hog too many of your system's precious resources. This is hugely important as it actually affects the speed at which you're able to receive files from the Internet.

The process of sending a file to someone with Infinit couldn't be any simpler. All you have to do is specify the recipient, choose the file from its location on your hard drive and click the "Send" button. So long as your computer is connected to the Internet, the Infinit application will easily take care of the reset.

Infinit works on peer to peer technology to facilitate file sharing, which means that the file you're sending isn't first being uploaded to a remote Web server before being downloaded from the recipient's computer. Instead, it is being sent directly to that user over an Internet connection, meaning that you will have to remain online for the duration of the file transfer. The benefit that this does have, however, comes by way of fast upload and download speeds - because no middle man server enters into the equation, the only thing that either party has to worry about is the Internet speed of the connection that they're currently using.

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  • Infinit
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  • 0.9.18
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  • Free
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  • Windows
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  • Infinit
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  • Infinit 0.9.18
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Infinit 0.9.18
Infinit 0.9.18
Infinit 0.9.18
Infinit 0.9.18
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