InTouch Lock 3.6

nTouch Lock is a handy program that was created to restrict access to the Internet. It is also capable of limiting access to a computer's files, programs and even folders. This is a free trial that runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Whether you have a USB device or an entire computer that requires a significant level of restriction, InTouch Lock is built to suit your needs. Now you can prevent unauthorized users from plugging into your computer system and using their flash drives, external hard disks or memory cards. This program provides multiuser support and an inbuilt scheduling mode. More features are available in the final edition of the program.

InTouch Lock can be operated in stealth mode if required. There are some limitations to this free trial. First, you will be limited to 30 days usage. There may also be features not available that can be accessed only in the retail edition.

Thankfully, system requirements are kept extremely low to ensure that most people will be able to use InTouch Lock regardless of whether or not they have a fancy computer system. This program requires that you have at least a 486 processor on your computer; a Pentium CPU is recommended. You also need 16 MB of available system RAM and a video card capable of handling at least 256 colors. Finally, there have been some new features included in this version of InTouch Lock. It can now lock down USB drives, DVD drives and Blu-Ray. Website access can also be restricted, and a new animated clock was added that displays when you lock the screen. This application is certainly worth looking into if you need a reliable security option for home or office computers. The executable installation file takes only a matter of moments to download. Test-drive this program for a few hours to see if it meets your requirements for a security suite.

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  • Software Name:
  • InTouch Lock
  • Software Version:
  • 3.6
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  • Trial
  • OS Supported:
  • Windows
  • Developer:
  • Lovelysoft
  • Latest version:
  • InTouch Lock 3.6
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InTouch Lock  3.6
InTouch Lock  3.6
InTouch Lock  3.6
InTouch Lock  3.6
InTouch Lock  3.6
InTouch Lock  3.6
InTouch Lock  3.6
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