iWatermark Pro 1.1.0

iWatermark Pro is an easy utility that can be used for making watermarks on digital photos, artwork or other types of images. The app lets you place the watermarks using different types of styles. Supported types of images are BMP, TIFF, JPEG and PNG. When inserting a watermark, it is possible to use a mask on PNG or TIFF images for a more professional appearance. You can also insert other types of supported images or type in the message. Whatever type of watermark you choose, you have complete control in terms of translucency. When using thumbnails, you only need to select the correct height and width and iWatermark Pro will automatically scale it proportionally so that it will slide into those boundaries.

Features of IWatermark Pro (formerly known as iWatermark Windows):

  • Can scale every image so they are all the same size
  • Applies watermark to entire folders of pictures at one time
  • Uses TIFF, PNG or text logos as watermarks
  • Able to adjust watermark’s transparency level
  • Can scale, rotate and insert watermark at any point on image
  • Uses various special effects including shadow, aqua or emboss on watermark
  • Preserves data that is captured with each image, as in IPTC or EXIF
  • Outputs and inputs the watermarked picture into many different types of image formats

The only limitation in using iWatermark Pro is that it adds the watermark onto the output file.

New in the Latest Release

In the latest release of iWatermark Pro, the offset value is shown as pixel numbers. Also, instead of only selecting the offset value in percentages, you can choose pixels. One of the problems fixed in the new version is that the new image files removes the previous input image file. Also, there is now the option of embedded graphics format with additional text tags when exporting the watermark. You can now extract your embedded images even when the watermark is imported, and the sliders arrow pointing up is fixed to increase the number that is shown. In older versions the watermark’s position while in editor wasn’t correct when moving the mouse, but that is also now fixed.

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  • Software Name:
  • iWatermark Pro
  • Software Version:
  • 1.1.0
  • Released:
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  • OS Supported:
  • Windows XP, 7, 7 x64, 8, 8 x64
  • Developer:
  • Plum Amazing, LLC.
  • Latest version:
  • iWatermark Pro 1.1.0
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Windows XP, 7, 7 x64, 8, 8 x64
Plum Amazing, LLC.
iWatermark Pro 1.1.0
iWatermark Pro 1.1.0
iWatermark Pro 1.1.0
iWatermark Pro 1.1.0
iWatermark Pro 1.1.0
iWatermark Pro 1.1.0
iWatermark Pro 1.1.0
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iWatermark Pro