JBO Giova X Cipher 1.0.1

Although no cipher is completely unbreakable, some of them are simply better. That's the premise behind this cipher software from JBO Software. You can use JBO Giova X Cipher to encrypt text and messages when it's just not safe to send an open email or transfer a file over the network. Not only can you type text to be encrypted directly into this application, but you can load text from compatible documents that already exist to save a little time.

JBO Giova X Cipher looks very much like any other text editing program for the Windows operating system. It's simple interface is familiar and easy to use. The tabbed view will still display plain text in one tab, while you're encrypted text will appear in another.

You must first set the key before encrypting. The key itself can be as long as your plain text content, but no longer. It consists of alphabetic characters, followed by a number between the range of 1 and 650. Encrypted cipher text from this program will not contain any non-alphabetic characters, which can help you to determine which cipher program you used, if you frequently rely on more than one. The decryption process is exactly the same, but in reverse.

By using a key that is the same length as the plain text content, you can create a One Time Pad cipher, the only type of encryption that is impossible to break, when done correctly, without knowing the keyword. This adds additional documents security.

An interesting feature of this simple tool is the ability to analyze the encrypted text for frequency of cipher text. JBO Giova X Cipher will show this in a bar graph, allow you to see that the cipher text is quite similar to randomly-generated text, making it that much more difficult for unauthorized users to break the cipher.

If you've previously used the company's Giova program, you may be disappointed to learn that encryption with the newer JBO Giova X Cipher are not backward-compatible, and you cannot use encryption from the older program with the new app.

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  • JBO Giova X Cipher
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  • 1.0.1 Build 3
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  • Freeware
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  • Windows
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  • JBO Software
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  • JBO Giova X Cipher 1.0.1
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JBO Giova X Cipher 1.0.1
JBO Giova X Cipher 1.0.1
JBO Giova X Cipher 1.0.1
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