Keyboard Extensions 1.0.0

Keyboard extensions enable you to locate programs and launch them with ease. It is simple to use with mp3s, documents and a variety of other file systems. It offers you a start and run dialog that provides a history with searchable capabilities. You are able to create hotkeys for specific applications. These extensions can be integrated with Windows Explorer for copying files, comparing directories, backing up folders and launching the command prompt. It is able to produce PNG formatted screenshots, save and restore the positions of your desktop icons and folders, notify users of alerts and schedule tasks.

The keyboard extension hotkeys will allow you to define your own shortcuts so that you can launch applications and prevent the possibility of opening more than one instance of a specific system. You will also be able to define your own shortcuts that can be used with more complicated hotkeys. Through your global hotkeys you will be able to search many different engines including google and wikipedia.

By using the alerts in the keyboard extension system, you can define specific alerts either by an absolute time or offset time.

The scheduled tasks offer you the capability to run individual tasks at defined times or recurrent periods.

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Keyboard Extensions 1.0.0
Keyboard Extensions 1.0.0
Keyboard Extensions 1.0.0
Keyboard Extensions 1.0.0
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