Launcher Pro 1.9.5

Launcher Pro 1.9.5 changes the way that you can launch files and programs. This application provides a simple user interface that makes it a snap to add and alter the launching behaviors of any program that you wish. The files do not have to be actual programs in order to be added to the launcher. This program supports any sort of executable file, such as .BAT files.

You add an executable or other file to the application panel by dragging and dropping it into Launcher Pro 1.9.5. You can specify several variables, such as parameters that you normally use in a Windows shortcut. Another level of customization that you can add to a program is exactly how large the window size is when you open the application. For example, you can set a program to always launch in a maximized state instead of its default window size. You can also set programs to always open with elevated Windows permissions, if necessary.

This program does not limit you on the amount of special launching rules that you can set up. It literally supports an unlimited amount of these shortcuts and other special parameters. Micro-Sys is the developer of Launcher Pro 1.9.5, and it is compatible with all Windows based systems.

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Launcher Pro 1.9.5
Launcher Pro 1.9.5
Launcher Pro 1.9.5
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