Likno Web Tooltips Builder 2.0

Like a number of web builders, including myself, we like the easy way out or the lazy way out as some might say. With code writing, shortcuts are few and far between, which makes building an entire website a royal pain, especially when you have a short term deadline and the client wants it now, now, now! However there are a few programs out there that can build a site with minimal code writing, and still produce results the unsuspecting client will think are incredibly professional.

One such software program is Likno Web Tooltips Builder. I downloaded this free trial and then bought the whole package to throw in my web building toolbox for those days when I'm crunched for time and have to build a bunch of pages for a couple different sites. If you download the free trial you will see exactly what I mean; it's definitely got merit as a time saver.

It has a very rich interface that makes it easy to build JQuery tooltips really fast with a minimal amount of code and some super duper templates that only you are the wiser about. I really liked that it was also cross-browser friendly. It didn't break down if I was in Firefox or Mozilla or even Safari, which usually is the pickiest of the bunch when working with this type of programming software. You can complete a whole project in the trial but don't try to launch it because it's stuck in localhost only.

Furthermore you don't have to really understand or know jack about HTML, Java or any other computer programmer's code languages. This is beneficial to those who want to make their own site or sites but don't have the time, money or ability to grasp and learn code writing in the traditional methods. Just using the full program of Likno Web Tooltips Builder will get the job done, and it all starts with this free trial.

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  • Likno Web Tooltips Builder
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  • 2.0 Build 208
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  • Windows
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  • Likno Software
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  • Likno Web Tooltips Builder 2.0
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Likno Web Tooltips Builder 2.0
Likno Web Tooltips Builder 2.0
Likno Web Tooltips Builder 2.0
Likno Web Tooltips Builder 2.0
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