MiniGet is a very lightweight and a very fast download manager you can use whenever you like. You can download it online and begin to enjoy all of the major benefits right away. The main purpose of this application is so that users have the opportunity to grab and pick files online.

This is one of the easiest applications you could ever use and you will also be able to install many files at one time. If you choose to set your own limits for the installation and download, you can do this as well. The upload speed is just another option that is given to you, as well as changing the buffer size. Some of the other features are just as simple as the rest. You can use the retry number and time interval features as well.

There is no other application out there that allows you to get files from the internet as fast and as simple as MiniGet. You should definitely consider taking advantage of this download when you can. Best of all, the application is free, so you will not have to worry about paying anything for it. As long as you have Windows NT,2K,Vista, XPX64, 2008, Vista64, 7, 7x64, 2008, and many current and up to date Windows, you can download this.

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MiniGet The program MiniGet is a simple download manager that takes up next to no resources and is distributed with a freeware license by MiniSoft. You...
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