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  • PDFtoMusic Pro 1.4.1 Build 11337
    PDFtoMusic Pro 1.4.1 Build 11337
  • Melody Assistant 7.6.3f
    Melody Assistant 7.6.3fDeveloped by Myriad, this demo version of Melody Assistant opens the door to a world of music editing, rend...
  • WaveShop
    WaveShop by Chris Korda, WaveShop is a GPL-licensed application whose design goal is to be an audio editor...
  • Harmony Assistant 9.6.3f
    Harmony Assistant 9.6.3fHarmony Assistant is a great software package created for anyone who wants to learn more about making music...
  • NoteTrainer PRO 2.68 Beta
    NoteTrainer PRO 2.68 BetaIf you've always wanted to learn how to play the piano, then give NoteTrainer PRO a try. The purpose of thi...
  • FreeRIP
    FreeRIP by MGShareware, FreeRIP is a shareware application whose core functionality is the conversion of ...
  • MP3 Joiner
    MP3 Joiner Joiner is designed to serve as an audio utility that allows you to merge several files residing on the ...
  • Free Easy MP3 Cutter 1.0
    Free Easy MP3 Cutter 1.0
  • FoxTag Editor 3.0.0
    FoxTag Editor 3.0.0FoxTag Editor is designed to help music lovers organize their music collections. More often than not, peopl...
  • Aiseesoft DVD to FLV Converter 6.2.56
    Aiseesoft DVD to FLV Converter 6.2.56
  • The Audio Converter
    The Audio Converter  The Audio Converter program is a good option for those who work with audio files on a fairly regu...
  • Reason Essentials 2.0.1 Build 3511
    Reason Essentials 2.0.1 Build 3511When you are trying to mix some music you will find that it is more difficult then what you think at times....
  • StepMania BPM Changes 0.2.3 Beta
    StepMania BPM Changes 0.2.3 BetaHaving the proper tracking of your beats can be a good thing. The problem which you may have is not knowing...
  • M Player 1.1.1
    M Player 1.1.1The M Player is an impressive MP3 player that enables you to listen to each of your favorite music tunes wi...
  • Music Player 3.9
    Music Player 3.9Music Player is a lightweight and easy to use application that was especially designed to help you load and...
  • Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro 2.4.7
    Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro 2.4.7Listening to other people sing Karaoke can be exciting, but it is even better when the music is something w...
  • Free CD to MP3 Converter 4.6 Build 20130427
    Free CD to MP3 Converter 4.6 Build 20130427Listening to your CDs may be a great thing to do. However, you may not know about how you can use the Free ...
  • MusicMatch Jukebox 10.0
    MusicMatch Jukebox 10.0Downloading and listening to music is something which many people like to do, but they have found it to be ...
  • Olympus DSS Player
    Olympus DSS PlayerIt is important to have the best tools available, but they are useless if you do not know how to use th...
  • MODPlug Player
    MODPlug PlayerIf you are an extreme music lover who appreciates the sound of music itself, MODPlug Player is a program th...
  • The Audio Converter
    The Audio Converter  The Audio Converter program is a good option for those who work with audio files on a fairly regu...
  • Speed MP3 Downloader
    Speed MP3 Downloader music is a great thing to do, but you can find it is hard to get all of your music files downlo...
  • AIMP 3.20 Build 1163
    AIMP 3.20 Build 1163AIMP Everyone has their own personal choices when it comes to applications and software that can perfor...
  • icSpeech 2.0.0
    icSpeech 2.0.0icSpeech is a wonderful speech therapy software program that is used for converting spoken words into graph...
  • Sequetron LE 12.08
    Sequetron LE 12.08Sequetron LE is a program that offers a little twist to it, which can all be played and controlled right fr...
  • PianoCheetah 20121105
    PianoCheetah 20121105Learning the piano can be a hard task, but with PianoCheetah it is no longer a complicated process. PianoCh...
  • Easy Midi Convertor
    Easy Midi Convertor in the music field can easily be one of the most exciting things that you can do. The problem you m...
  • Giada 0.5.4
    Giada 0.5.4Giada is your very own hardcore loop machine that was rated and given 4 out of 5 stars, so it works terrifi...
  • Digits VST 1.3C
    Digits VST 1.3CDigits VST is a program that was rated and given 4 out of 5 stars. It is simple audio synthesizer that anyo...
  • DVDFab File Transfer
    DVDFab File Transfer great deal of music, movies and other information is kept on the computer. Sometimes users want to conver...