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  • jetAudio
  • Mcool
  • PARTYBlaster 1.1.0
    PARTYBlaster 1.1.0
  • Freemake Music Box
    Freemake Music Box
  • Disco XT 7.1.1
    Disco XT 7.1.1Disco XT is a fundamental application if you want to mix songs. By description, this is a professional musi...
  • TMP
    TMP offers the user an easy and simple way to search for the music that he want to hear, even if the user's...
  • Urrofi Music Player 1.2
    Urrofi Music Player 1.2Urrofi Music Player is a freeware program that operates as a very simple music player. The music player has...
  • Logitech Media Server (formerly SqueezeServer)
    Logitech Media Server (formerly SqueezeServer) Media Server (formerly SqueezeServer) is a free program distributed under the GNU Public License t...
  • WorkAudioBook 2.02
    WorkAudioBook 2.02WorkAudioBook is an easy to use program created to play your audiobooks, with a focus on learning foreign l...
  • Metal Player
    Metal Player you in search of an application with which you will enjoy your video and audio files without crashing o...
  • Music Player 3.9
    Music Player 3.9Music Player is a lightweight and easy to use application that was especially designed to help you load and...
  • M Player 1.1.1
    M Player 1.1.1The M Player is an impressive MP3 player that enables you to listen to each of your favorite music tunes wi...
  • Olympus DSS Player
    Olympus DSS PlayerIt is important to have the best tools available, but they are useless if you do not know how to use th...
  • AIMP 3.20 Build 1163
    AIMP 3.20 Build 1163AIMP Everyone has their own personal choices when it comes to applications and software that can perfor...
  • Karaoke 5 40.33
    Karaoke 5 40.33Anyone with a love for music could benefit from the use of Karaoke 5. This is software that speed your musi...
  • EMAD MP3 Player 1.7
    EMAD MP3 Player 1.7EMAD MP3 Player is an application that allows users to play their favorite music with ease. As implied, use...
  • Passion Audio Player 3.0
    Passion Audio Player 3.0Passion Audio Player is a simple-to-use tool that allows you to play audio tracks of multiple formats, incl...
  • ScPlayer 1.0.0
    ScPlayer 1.0.0Music lovers download hundreds of songs to listen to their favourite music uninterrupted each day. The ScPl...
  • WinTedPlay 1.2.1
    WinTedPlay 1.2.1If you are looking for a wonderful application that can format music, you should install WinTedPlay. It com...
  • Winamp 5.63.3235
    Winamp 5.63.3235While Winamp 5 Full is not as well known as Windows Media Player or VLC, it is still an excellent multimedi...
  • Rista Mp3 Player 1.0
    Rista Mp3 Player 1.0Built as a small and simple tool, the Rista Mp3 Player application allows its users to listen to MP3 files ...
  • Olympus DSS Player Lite
    Olympus DSS Player LiteGetting to enjoy some of the files which you want to listen to or watch can be a great thing to do to. The ...
  • kAldownp 1.0.0
    kAldownp 1.0.0kAldownp is a simple, free alternative to traditional music player programs. iTunes and Windows Media Playe...
  • GrooveWalrus 0.355
    GrooveWalrus 0.355The GrooveWalrus is an easy to use musical software for PC or mp3 player. Storing favorite musical tunes is...
  • Musicnotes Guitar Guru
    Musicnotes Guitar GuruMusicnotes Guitar Guru is a free application designed to integrate with the 250,000 digital music products ...
  • QPlayer Beta
    QPlayer BetaQPlayer is small and easy to use mediaplayer that works like Windows Explorer. It can be used to play or op...
  • SJMP (Simple Java Mp3 Player) 0.6
    SJMP (Simple Java Mp3 Player) 0.6Mp3 players are hot, whether you have a generic one that only cost $30 or you have it built into an expensi...
  • Microsoft Zune 4.8 RTM
    Microsoft Zune 4.8 RTM  Microsoft Zune 4.8 RTM was created to permit users to synchronize their videos and their photos, ...
  • iMesh
    iMeshHaving the chance to share your files can be a good thing. The problem which you may start to have is not k...
  • Winamp 5 Full 5.623 Build 3199
    Winamp 5 Full 5.623 Build 3199Enjoying all of your favorite media files is easy when you are using Winamp 5 Full. If you need a professio...