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  • Quelea 0.5.4
    Quelea 0.5.4
  • Sax Tutor 6.8
    Sax Tutor 6.8Sax Tutor was designed by Martin Carter to help music enthusiasts learn to play saxophones. It can teach yo...
  • Metronome EXP
    Metronome EXP you are looking for an audio application that is not only intuitive but can also improve the musical ski...
  • Sonos 4 5.1.13
    Sonos 4 5.1.13Sonos 4 is a versatile and robust program that lets you use your computer to broadcast radio. Sonos 4 suppo...
  • muso 1.5.50
    muso 1.5.50
  • VoxCommando 1.185
    VoxCommando 1.185Talking to your computer may not seem like the brightest idea, but when you use VoxCommando, you will quic...
  • Minilyrics 6.7.38
    Minilyrics 6.7.38Minilyrics is a tool for the Microsoft Windows operating system that is designed to integrate the functiona...
  • WM Recorder
    WM Recorder
  • Guitar Tuner Drop D 1
    Guitar Tuner Drop D 1Web Flex Media has developed the best electronic Guitar Application for producing unique and original sou...
  • AD Stream Recorder 4.5
    AD Stream Recorder 4.5AD Stream Recorder is a tool designed for use with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The goal of the ...
  • MPH 1.0.5 Build 1
    MPH 1.0.5 Build 1The newest release of MPH (Media Player Hotkeys) offers support for Media Player Classic, 64-bit, adding to...
  • StepMania BPM Changes 0.2.3 Beta
    StepMania BPM Changes 0.2.3 BetaHaving the proper tracking of your beats can be a good thing. The problem which you may have is not knowing...
  • Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro 2.4.7
    Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro 2.4.7Listening to other people sing Karaoke can be exciting, but it is even better when the music is something w...
  • MusicMatch Jukebox 10.0
    MusicMatch Jukebox 10.0Downloading and listening to music is something which many people like to do, but they have found it to be ...
  • MODPlug Player
    MODPlug PlayerIf you are an extreme music lover who appreciates the sound of music itself, MODPlug Player is a program th...
  • Speed MP3 Downloader
    Speed MP3 Downloader music is a great thing to do, but you can find it is hard to get all of your music files downlo...
  • icSpeech 2.0.0
    icSpeech 2.0.0icSpeech is a wonderful speech therapy software program that is used for converting spoken words into graph...
  • Giada 0.5.4
    Giada 0.5.4Giada is your very own hardcore loop machine that was rated and given 4 out of 5 stars, so it works terrifi...
  • DVDFab File Transfer
    DVDFab File Transfer great deal of music, movies and other information is kept on the computer. Sometimes users want to conver...
  • DVDFab File Transfer
    DVDFab File Transfer you are getting your DVDs burned you may find it may not work properly for your file types. This is wh...
  • V-Raxtor (formerly V-Starter)
    V-Raxtor (formerly V-Starter) (formerly V-Starter) software is a software program application that allows the user to easily man...
  • R128GAIN 0.9.6-3 / 1.0 Alpha 7-3
    R128GAIN 0.9.6-3 / 1.0 Alpha 7-3R128GAIN is a program that maintains the volume on all of your video and audio materials. Listening to musi...
  • V-Raxtor (formerly V-Starter)
    V-Raxtor (formerly V-Starter) (formerly V-Starter) is a program that can be used to manage the audio plugins you have on your PC...
  • Minilyrics 7.4.16
    Minilyrics 7.4.16Minlyrics is a fun little plug-in program that can be used to help you decipher some of those lyrics you ca...
  • Volume2 / Beta
    Volume2 / BetaThe standard Windows operating system volume control usually doesn’t provide much in the way of sound...
  • Ohm Connect
    Ohm Connect out that some of your older items will not function anymore because of the newest programs or elect...
  • Metronome EXP
    Metronome EXP EXP is by far the most valuable software application you could ever have installed on your comput...
  • SonicPhoto 1.00
    SonicPhoto 1.00SonicPhoto is a very flexible and easy to use program you can install online. With this software, you will ...
  • zxtune-qt Rev 1915
    zxtune-qt Rev 1915The title of this software is slightly misgiving; it's not quite a misnomer, but a little confusing all...
  • Media Audio Capture
    Media Audio Capture are a music and sound recording guru. You work with audio files for your personal use or as projects fo...