nfpvr 0.0.5

The nfpvr review is high because it has a few different versions and it is an nFusion PVR recorder that does exactly what it says it will do. It will run on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems which means that you can use it on any computer that you have regardless of how advanced your system actually is.

The reason that NFPVR is popular is that it is extremely easy to use. The interface is basic and that’s what people like about it. If you want a bunch of bells and whistles, this isn’t the program that you want to download. If, however, you want a no fluff PVR recorder, than this is the one that you want.

Downloading NFPVR is very easy. It takes a few minutes at the very most depending upon what kind of connection you have. The program also doesn’t take a lot of space on your hard drive which is another benefit. You can view all of the source code when you extract the program from the server and this way you can make chances should you desire, too.

One of the main benefits to NFPVR is that you can download a binary that is already pre-compiled or you can compile it on your own depending upon just how advanced you are. Once it’s up and running, it’s a matter of getting your internet settings in place and you’re up and running. You just need to go into the nFusion internet settings, select the right PVR IP and you are able to record everything that you want.

The nice part about NFPVR is that it is designed to provide you with the server control that you want. It is designed for the basic users and the pro users, which is another reason that it is in the top downloads for a PVR recorder. Binary packages can provide you with all of the system controls that you want so that you aren’t limited on your abilities.

The program is completely open source, so if you see bugs or glitches, you can fix them or wait for someone else to do it and download the newest version in a few weeks.

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  • Software Name:
  • nfpvr
  • Software Version:
  • 0.0.5
  • Released:
  • License:
  • GPL
  • OS Supported:
  • Windows
  • Developer:
  • Jonathan Fillion
  • Latest version:
  • nfpvr 0.0.5
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nfpvr 0.0.5
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