NPowerTray is on the market and ready for purchase, giving the user the ability to restart and shutdown windows 8 with this system. NPowerTray is an open tool that is free to run. What I found with this portable application was that it added a Power Icon within the system then I had the ability to shut down my system just by double clicking on the icon. The system has options to restart, use a sleep mode or log off. You can hibernate the system. In order for me to access the many special options all I had to do was right click the icon. By using the right click I could access a force shutdown and restart and much more.

NPoweTrayr is compatible with other older systems such as Windows XP Vista and Windows 7. Windows 8 has been out for awhile now, but not without consumer complaint. Many of these complaints stem from missing options, menus, and the new locations for applications. I have tried Windows 8 and was frustrated by the fact that that it was harder for me to access. I tried NPower Tray and it makes a significant difference. NPower allowed me to access all that I needed through this system in regards to functions related to shutdown. Everything is easily accessible once again, such as logging off, locking, sleep mode hibernate mode and much more and I did not have to open the Windows 8 settings menu.

In addition to all that NPowerTray provided me with, I found it a great way to shut down and restart my PC. Another great thing is that it is portable and will work with 64 bit and 32 bit Windows 8, and is a great short cut tool.

If you have Windows 8 and also find frustrations with this system and how to access simple applications, then by all means try NPower. You will be very surprised to see all those frustrations will be gone when you install NPower Tray in your system. Your ability to access shutdown and startup applications will be very easy. You will not be disappointed.

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  • NPowerTray
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  • Shareware
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  • Windows
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  • David Quintana
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  • NPowerTray
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