The openIPSW program is capable of quite a few different tasks. Ultimately, it’s a front-end for retrieving IPSW files, which are official Apple iDevice Software programs. These are the programs that are used on iPhones and iPads that almost everyone uses at one point or another.

The program works simply. When downloading an IPSW file with openIPSW, it will be necessary to choose the device as well as the version from the selection menus. The program will then download to the device to be installed at the user’s leisure.

With openIPSW, it’s also possible to download custom IPSW firmware. This allows users to download freeware and shareware that others have designed that aren’t “officially” sanctioned by Apple. This can provide a number of different possibilities for the iPhone or iPad that were never intended to happen according to the manufacturer.

Through the use of openIPSW, it will tell a user it jail breaking or unlocking the device or a file is possible. In addition, it will detail the program that is needed to do so. It’s a handy feature that has been used on more than one occasion. It will tell about SHSH blobs info, IPSW files, the baseband information, size and then download the program.

openIPSW has a very easy to use interface. Everything is very easy to understand and it doesn’t require any kind of learning curve. This means that even the most basic user can figure out how to download the IPSW files that they want for the iOS device. While Apple can make it hard to get the desired apps and firmware, this program simplifies the process, which is why so many people are regularly downloading the program.

The openIPSW review is positive because it’s easy to use and provides a few different features. The program itself is not very large and therefore doesn’t take up a lot of disc space. It’s available as a trial free download to give it a try and see if it’s worth downloading the official version, which is still very affordable. It’s a program that anyone should have if they are downloading firmware for Apple devices.

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