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There's a number of innovative web browsers available for every level of computer users. Each one contains amazing features, and advanced functionality. Browsing the internet for the latest and greatest websites has never been so easy or so much fun.

Opera is part of the elite group of top browsers. It's been around a long time, and has added numerous useful features over the years, making it the ideal choice for browsing the internet. It's fast, simple to use, with a long list of innovative tools and menus.

Being a leading internet browser is tough when you consider the heavy competition. Opera has always led the pack with its speed for loading web pages, and its introduction of tabbed browsing. Tabs are an ingenious way of stacking web pages in a condensed area, quickly accessing each page by clicking on a labelled tab.

The designers of Opera keep the focus for simple use in mind, even as they continue to add more advanced features. The streamlined interface makes essential tasks such as navigation and bookmarking simple and intuitive for all. The Opera experience is one of solid browsing with stability and ease of use, but advanced features, such as extensions and bitorrent integration, are only a click away for power users.

Opera users won't be disappointed by the incredibly useful extras that are built in. Automatically block annoying pop-ups, or access the integrated email and chat client. RSS feeds are well supported. It's even simple to customize your search experience by adding more search engines to the integrated search bar.

Make Opera a personalized application with hundreds of handy extensions, and colorful themes. Customization is a key component to this amazing application. Use the speed dial to populate a new tab with visual representations of your favorite web pages.

New features are being added all the time to keep Opera ahead of the leading internet browsers. It's secure, popular and easy to download and install. This is a browser that is always up to date with the newest internet standards.

What's new
Hardware acceleration. Private browsing mode. Visual tabs.





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Opera 12.11
Opera 12.11
Opera 12.11
Opera 12.11
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