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  • TIN&Grid Maker 1.01
    TIN&Grid Maker 1.01TIN&Grid Maker is a useful tool that allows you to create TIN and grid networks based on the input data...
  • 4k Video to MP3 Portable
    4k Video to MP3 Portable
  • Xplotter
    Xplotter is designed for scientific graphing. It comes with features that enable the user to customize the ...
  • WinRock
    WinRock performs a variety of useful tasks related to geochemistry and petrology. It can generate detailed ...
  • VariCAD 2013 2.07
    VariCAD 2013 2.07When you need a CAD application with a lot of features, VariCAD 2013 is an important tool to have for mecha...
  • MagicPlot Pro 2.5.1
    MagicPlot Pro 2.5.1MagicPlot Pro provides engineering and accurate scientific data analysis. The program also works for nonlin...
  • Ctrax 0.3.16 Beta
    Ctrax 0.3.16 BetaCtrax offers some of the best behavioral analysis utilities to the larger neuropathology community. It is a...
  • Sky Planetarium 3.23
    Sky Planetarium 3.23Sky Planetarium simulates a planetarium on your personal computer. Astronomy enthusiasts can learn about st...
  • Metes and Bounds 4.5.0
    Metes and Bounds 4.5.0Just as the name implies, Metes and Bounds is an application that will allow you to create plot maps and us...
  • AcaStat 8.2.8 Build 1478
    AcaStat 8.2.8 Build 1478AcaStat is an educational tool designed to help an individual learn stats and gain experience creating spre...