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  • EuroNCAP Points Calculator 0.1a Alpha
    EuroNCAP Points Calculator 0.1a AlphaEuroNCAP Points Calculator helps calculate EuroNCAP point performance making CSV files easier to use. This ...
  • DeNovoGUI 1.2.2
    DeNovoGUI 1.2.2DeNovoGUI is the easiest program to use when working with PepNovo + de novo. It uses a sequencing algorithm...
  • QVibeplot 0.14.1
    QVibeplot 0.14.1QVibeplot is a program designed for chemists to view calculations and vibrational analysis is a more attrac...
  • GlycoPeptideSearch 1.3
    GlycoPeptideSearch 1.3GlycoPeptideSearch was developed as a simple application designed to assist users sort through N-glycopepti...
  • Oasys Alp 19.2 Build 1
    Oasys Alp 19.2 Build 1Oasys Alp is a program that will give you the ability to analyze the impact of a lateral section of soil to...
  • Batch Plot DWG To 2.3
    Batch Plot DWG To 2.3Batch Plot DWG To converts 3D drawings to PDF files, an otherwise difficult process. The program supports T...
  • Draft IT ARCHITECTURAL 3.0.8
    Draft IT ARCHITECTURAL 3.0.8Draft IT ARCHITECTURAL is a CAD program designed to draw projects with perfect precision and accurate measu...
  • 4k Video to MP3 Portable
    4k Video to MP3 Portable
  • AcaStat 8.2.8 Build 1478
    AcaStat 8.2.8 Build 1478AcaStat is an educational tool designed to help an individual learn stats and gain experience creating spre...
  • Metes and Bounds 4.5.0
    Metes and Bounds 4.5.0Just as the name implies, Metes and Bounds is an application that will allow you to create plot maps and us...