What's Hot
  • DeskCalc 6.1.3
    DeskCalc 6.1.3With DeskCalc, you can perform simple calculations, but you also have the option to convert between various...
  • LTspice IV 4.19w
    LTspice IV 4.19wLTspice IV is a computer application that generates models, which are used to enhance the simulation of swi...
  • isacreator 1.7.2
    isacreator 1.7.2Organizing all of your data is a lot easier than you think with the isacreator computer program. Isacreator...
  • Comic Life 2.2.7
    Comic Life 2.2.7
  • VizUp 5.1.4
    VizUp 5.1.4When you want to reduce and optimize 3D models by size, VizUp is a simple software application to use. It w...
  • Mie Scattering Conversion 1.1.7
    Mie Scattering Conversion 1.1.7Creating charts that are both useful and understandable is an important task required for many jobs. Mie Sc...
  • QCAD 3.3.3
    QCAD 3.3.3QCAD is a program to work with 2D CAD drawings in order to create diagrams, schematics, and drawings. It wo...
  • Cura 13.06.4
    Cura 13.06.4Cura is a fantastic program designed to help print 3D models designed on computer programs. It works wonder...
  • SEVENPAR 3.14
    SEVENPAR 3.14SEVENPAR is designed to produce a set of 7 Helmert transformation parameters that are valid within a specif...
  • LED Matrix Studio 0.7.7
    LED Matrix Studio 0.7.7Anyone who wants to build light-emitting diode matrixes can benefit from Paul Alan Freshney's LED Matrix St...