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  • MSI Generator 2.8.0
    MSI Generator 2.8.0MSI Generator is a great application created to help you when you are designing MSI packages. The MSI Gener...
  • Fritzing 0.8.3b
    Fritzing 0.8.3bAre you a designer or a researcher and in need of an effective software to support your work? Worry no more...
  • The UEA Small RNA Workbench 3.0.0 Beta
    The UEA Small RNA Workbench 3.0.0 BetaAnalyzing the different strands of RNA is a lot more difficult and complex than it sounds. Yes, these are s...
  • CircuitMod 1.0
    CircuitMod 1.0Applying the various aspects of Ohms law on paper is a lot of work. With the advances in technology, many p...
  • DWG to IMAGE Converter 2013 MX 5.9.5
    DWG to IMAGE Converter 2013 MX 5.9.5Overview Converting files from the DWG format to the IMAGE format (i.e. PNG, TIFF JPEG, GIF and BMP) r...
  • MSI Wrapper
    MSI Wrapper the chance to take an executable file and get it changed into the MSI file type is easy to do, but o...
  • NSIS Wizzz
    NSIS Wizzz some of your own NSI files is a challenge if you are not familiar with computer language. This is ...
  • Actual Installer Pro 5.0
    Actual Installer Pro 5.0Actual Installer Pro is an application that makes it easy to create attractive installation packages. It is...
  • OkMap 10.9.4
    OkMap 10.9.4
  • Easy Currencies 5
    Easy Currencies 5