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  • FastTrack Scripting Host 8.6
    FastTrack Scripting Host 8.6FastTrack Scripting Host is a widely used program that provides a total replacement alternative for VBScrip...
  • Angry Birds 3.0
    Angry Birds 3.0
  • ZKanji 0.73
    ZKanji 0.73ZKanji is an exceptional software suite that functions as an extensive Japanese dictionary and learning too...
  • Manuscript4u 0.2.1 N
    Manuscript4u 0.2.1 NManuscript4u is a small and powerful application that is perfect for bible study. The program allows reader...
  • BPBible 0.5.2
    BPBible 0.5.2Getting to sit down and read the Bible is a great way for people to learn about the Lord. However, some peo...
  • DPlot Jr
    DPlot Jr graphical information come out properly can be easier then what you think, but you have to make sure...
  • Tubepad 2.5
    Tubepad 2.5Creating the different programs which will help your company out can be a great thing. However, you need to...
  • SolarBeam 1.1
    SolarBeam 1.1Having the chance to figure out the suns pattern and the other patterns in the solar system can be quite a ...
  • Hallo northern sky 2.4.0
    Hallo northern sky 2.4.0Hallo northern sky is a fully integrated planetarium software that is specifically designed for Windows ope...
  • MultiBit 0.5.12 0.5.12
    MultiBit 0.5.12 0.5.12MultiBit 0.5.12 is very a practical application software that allows users to handle and manage BitCoin tra...