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  • QuranCode 3.1.6
    QuranCode 3.1.6The Quran is a highly complex document that would take years to fully understand and read through , that be...
  • pafcalc 1.0.1 Beta
    pafcalc 1.0.1 BetaRunning a farm or even a small garden can be a lot more complex then putting the seeds in the ground. One o...
  • Bible-Discovery 3.6.1 u
    Bible-Discovery 3.6.1 uBible-Discovery Review: Operating systems: Windows System requirements: Java Developer: Miklos Z...
  • G.Projector 1.5 Build D6K1
    G.Projector 1.5 Build D6K1Getting the chance to see where a place is on the globe can be easier then what you imagined. You just have...
  • Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate 2013
    Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate 2013 PowerPlayer Ultimate 2013 is an exceptional software package that allows you to perform numerous lott...
  • My Daily Readings 3.80 Build 2
    My Daily Readings 3.80 Build 2My Daily Readings is an exceptional small and lightweight application that allows users to record specific ...
  • Screenpresso 1.3.8
    Screenpresso 1.3.8
  • PowerAFA
    PowerAFA from a brain injury is a long and drawn out process. However, the medical community is starting ...
  • PowerBK
    PowerBK is an extremely dependable application that was created to help you catalog both public and private...
  • Cheat Engine 6.3
    Cheat Engine 6.3Cheat Engine is a free Windows-based program that helps players use codes in the PC games that they are pla...